Mundwerk specializes in heavenly creations for the taste buds and have more than 15 years of experience in the food, restaurant and catering industry. Common to all disciplines and activities is that they always deliver a 100% stable and tasty experience

“Our most important task is to make sure that our guests are happy and satisfied no matter what, and that is basically our greatest strength”


Siefert Vine is a distributor dedicated to serving both delicious and uncomplicated wine along with other wines of more complex and interesting character.
What all their wines have in common is that they are all on kegs, which facilitates fast servings and represents an environmentally sustainable approach to wine sales.
Each keg saves 32 bottles of wine and all associated packaging.

At Enter Art Fair Siefert Vine will be serving White and red wine, rosé, Vino Frizzante and Aperol Spritz.


YSC will be in charge of your fantastic champagne bar at Enter Art Fair 2021.
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