ENTER Digital

Welcome to the future of art at Enter Art Fair with our exciting new addition: ‘ENTER Digital’.
Explore a special section dedicated to showcasing cutting-edge digital art.

At ‘ENTER Digital’, you’ll discover a mix of traditional and modern art forms. Dive into exclusive booths featuring mesmerizing videos, innovative AI creations, and groundbreaking NFTs.

Our goal is to blend classic art with the latest technology, exploring how digital media intersects with today’s culture.
Join us at Enter Art Fair to experience the future of art firsthand.

Digital Selection Committee:
We take pride in our meticulous curation of the digital content. To ensure the highest standards, we’ve established a dedicated Digital Selection Committee.

Meet the ENTER Digital Selection Committee:
Diana Velasco: Curator, digital artist, and Founder/Director of MoNDA – Museum of Nordic Digital Art & Radar Contemporary.

Georg Bak: Art Advisor and Curator specializing in digital art.

Daniela Arriado: Art Advisor, Curator, and Founder of Art Republic Platform & Screen City Biennial.

These seasoned professionals bring unique expertise, collectively steering the direction of our digital offerings.


Galleries in the digital section:

Albert Contemporary, Odense