ENTER Digital

Exciting News: Introducing ‘ENTER Digital’ at Enter Art Fair.

We are thrilled to unveil a new section: ‘ENTER Digital.’ This initiative features a dedicated section showcasing exclusive booths presenting various forms of digital art seamlessly integrated into our art and VIP program.

The section will cater to galleries representing artistic practices exploring the intersection of new media art and technologies, and its relation to contemporary culture. 
The fair also welcomes galleries that are influencing the hybrid “phygital” approach, which involves combining physical and digital elements or experiences.

Moreover, galleries in the main section can opt to feature a digital art piece at their booth, enriching the overall digital experience.

Good to Know:

  1. Reduced Booth Price: ENTER Digital offers a reduced booth price of 4.800,- EUR ex vat for 20m2.
  2. Strategic Placement: ENTER Digital will be positioned in the heart of the contemporary section.
  3. Guided Tours: Special guided tours will focus on exploring digital art.
  4. VIP Program Events: Exclusive events in the VIP program will highlight digital art.

How to Participate:
Galleries interested in joining the digital section can apply through the provided application form. FIND IT HERE
The deadline for applying for ENTER DIGITAL: April 1st 2024.

Our Mission:
Explore the realms of digital art, encompassing video, digital creations, artificial intelligence, NFTs, and more. Enter Art Fair will curate a program and dedicated booths, bridging the classical and digital art worlds.

Digital Selection Committee:
We take pride in the meticulous curation of our digital content, and to ensure the highest standards, we have established a dedicated Digital Selection Committee. This committee, comprised of esteemed individuals, plays a crucial role in shaping the digital landscape of our platform.

Meet the ENTER Digital Selection Committee:
Diana Velasco, Curator and digital artist, Founder and Director of MoNDA – Museum of Nordic Digital Art & Radar Contemporary.
Georg Bak, Art Advisor and Curator specialized in digital art.
Daniela Arriado, Art Advisor, Curator and Founder of Art Republic Platform & Screen City Biennial.

These seasoned professionals bring their unique expertise to the table, collectively steering the direction of our digital offerings.

Stay tuned for more information about this groundbreaking initiative.