What is Enter Art Fair? 

Enter Art Fair is Scandinavia’s largest international art fair and a nexus of creative and commercial exchanges. The annual four-day event takes place in Copenhagen and brings the best of contemporary art to discover and acquire from 96 of the world’s leading galleries and their artists.

What are the dates and opening hours of the fair? 

  • Thursday, 29 August: Preview day (by invitation only) 
  • Friday, 30 August: 11.00 – 20.00
  • Saturday, 31 August: 11.00 – 19.00
  • Sunday, 1 September: 11.00 – 18.00

How do I buy a ticket to the fair? 

You can buy your ticket online or at the door upon arrival. To avoid queuing at the ticket counter, we recommend buying a ticket online in advance. 

  • One-Day ticket: DKK 150
  • Partout-pass (Unlimited access to the fair Friday-Sunday): DKK 250
  • VIP ticket (Exclusive access to the VIP day from 15.00 + unlimited access to the fair): DKK 400
  • Children under 16 years: Free

What is the location of the fair? 

Enter Art Fair is held at the spectacular venue Lokomotivværkstedet. Lokomotivværkstedet is located close to Copenhagen’s central station and the vibrant meatpacking district. The 10,000 m2 historical building was formerly used for maintenance of the Danish locomotives and is today one of Copenhagen’s most spectacular venues. Lokomotivvaerkstedet is easily accessible by car, public transport and bicycle. 

Otto Busses Vej 5A
2450 København

What are the parking facilities at the fair? 

There are around 400 public parking spaces in the area with the option to buy parking tickets using the APCOA app (area code 3018). 

Is there a free shuttle?

All guests and gallerists can use our free shuttle bus which drives between the fair and SoHo House Copenhagen, Havnegade 44.


  • TBA

Can I get there by bicycle?

Yes. The Danes preferred choice of transport is their bicycle. The fair can easily be reached by bicycle or scooter.

Is there a coat and bag drop? 

Yes, there is a supervised cloakroom at the fair where you can leave your coat and your bags. Price: 30 kr. (approx 4€) per item. 

What are the accessibility guidelines? 

You can access the fair and the fair’s toilets with a wheelchair. There will be areas that are not accessible. 

Do I need a ticket for my child? 

Everyone is welcome at the fair. Children under 16 years go free.

Can I bring a buggie / stroller to the fair? 

Buggies and strollers are allowed at the fair. 

Are there toilets and baby-changing facilities at the fair? 

There are toilets, baby changing facilities and access for people with reduced mobility.

Can I bring my pet?

There are strictly no pets at the fair.

Is there a restaurant and cafe at the fair? 

At the fair, you’ll discover a delightful array of dining and beverage options to satiate your desires. Outside, an enticing food court awaits, featuring a diverse selection of street food offerings. For those in search of chilled wine and bubbly delights, the Siefert Vine Bar has you covered. And if you’re yearning for a touch of luxury, be sure to visit the Champagne Bar, situated within a Champagne lounge with a panoramic view of the fair. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor some coffee and cake as well.

Can I rest my legs during my visit? 

The Danish furniture brand Fritz Hansen has created several lounge areas where visitors can relax in some of Denmark’s iconic design pieces.
You can also relax at the exclusive VIP lounge by Audi.

Who is welcome at Enter Art Fair? 

Enter Art Fair welcomes everyone to discover and acquire the best of contemporary art. In 2023, more than 21.000 people visited the fair from five continents. The fair has over the years built a strong network across all industries and sees buyers, collectors, artists, gallerists and institutions return every year.

What does the Art Program for 2024 include?

The Art Program for 2024 will be announced closer to the fair.

What kind of artwork can I see at the fair? 

The 2024 edition of the fair will see more than 96 galleries present the best of contemporary art and its artists inside and outside Lokomotivværkstedet.

How are the galleries selected for the fair?

Enter Art Fair welcomes applications from all international primary market galleries. The Enter Art Fair committee selects the exhibitors based on ensuring the highest quality of art and curatorial presentations.
In 2022, 78 contemporary art galleries from 23 countries were selected, of which 77% were international galleries outside Denmark. Artworks by over 350 artists were showcased spanning paintings, sculpture, ceramics, glass, NFT’s and more. 

Who is on the committee?
The committee members of the 2024 edition are Kirsten Eggers, Chairman of the committee and Head Art Advisor of Enter Art Fair (DK), Stefan von Bartha, Gallery Director of Von Bartha (CH), Martin Nielsen, Art Collector (DK), Steen Bakmann, Art Collector (DK), Caroline Bøge, Owner of 2112 (DK), Helle Behrndt, Former Director of Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand (DK) and Julie Leopold Alf, Founder and CEO of Enter Art Fair (DK). 

Which galleries are participating in the 2024 edition? 

You will find the full list of galleries for 2024 HERE 

What is the Young Gallery section? 

Enter Art Fair is committed to being a progressive space for new artists and experimental art forms. Galleries which are five years and younger are offered a special section at the fair. The Young Galleries section is selected by the committee and you find it under list of galleries on the website.

What is the VIP Program? 

Enter Art Fair offers all VIPs a personalized experience of the fair and the city of Copenhagen. More than 7000 VIP guests from five continents visited the fair in 2023. The VIP Program includes exclusive exhibition previews, museum visits, artist talks, dinners and champagne events. The VIP program also offers special events with sponsors and partners all year around. Get in touch with the VIP team to learn more.

What will the 2024 edition include? 

Join us as we celebrate 6 years of Enter Art Fair from 29 – 01 August/September in Copenhagen. The four days will be a celebration of the transformative power of art and a tribute to all art lovers. We invite you to explore and connect with the world’s leading galleries and their artists at our new event space Lokomotivværkstedet. Our carefully curated art-, events- and VIP program will offer everyone an unforgettable experience and the opportunity to expand their art collection. 

What is Curated Choice? 

Four times a year, Enter Art Fair invites an art expert to curate a personalized list of artworks to acquire from its participating galleries. The artworks are for sale directly through the galleries. The initiative connects buyers and galleries throughout the year. Explore past Curated Choice lists from experts including Kirsten Eggers, Uffe Buchard and Kirsten MacDonald via https://www.enterartfair.com/curated-choice/

What is Enter Art Guide? 

Follow Enter Art Fair on Instagram and Facebook to receive the weekly Enter Art Guide which includes news on exhibition openings and artists from its participating galleries. The initiative connects buyers and galleries throughout the year.

How do I get press accreditation? 

The press team works closely with national and international media to ensure its galleries, sponsors and partners reach the fullest potential in the press. For all press enquiries, please contact press@enterartfair.com.

How do I stay up-to-date with the latest news?

To keep up with the latest news and be the first to know when 2024 tickets go on sale by signing up to our newsletter and follow @enterartfair on InstagramFacebook and LinkedIn.