The Fair Package

Enter Art Fair is the first and only art fair to combine the physical experience of a fair with a one-of-a-kind virtual art fair experience all year round. To be part of this your gallery need to sign off for an Artland partnership as well.

Enter Art Fair

The next fair will take place during Copenhagen Art Fair week: 27-30 August 2020.


Enter Art Fair will be located in the Tunnel Factory in Nordhavn in 2020. Nordhavn is the largest and most ambitious metropolitan redevelopment project in Scandinavia. Still only 15 min to the very centre of Copenhagen Enter Art fair will in the years to come be part of the development and characterizing of this urban area. The fair will from 2020 and forward be located in the impressive Tunnel Factory.


ENTER.VR is a section dedicated to galleries featuring solely digital works of art. Please note in the application if the gallery applies for this section.

Outdoor installations

Additionally galleries can apply with an outdoor installation. The installations will be exhibited in the area close to the fair depending on the nature of the project. Please describe the project in the application form and email images and the artist’s CV in one pdf to: The installations are selected by the selection committee. If the installation is admitted, it will be included in the fair at no extra area cost for the applicant. Handling and other costs of the installation is to be paid by the gallery.

Booth structure and lighting

The fair architecture consists of booth sizes 4 meters deep. Smallest booth 4 x 4 = 16 m2. Larger booths can offer the possibility of a 8 meters deep ‘walk-through’ booth from aisle to aisle. Wall elements are 3 meters high. Lighting in truss from the aisles are included. Please apply with preferred booth size. All booths needs to be divided by 4 meters (min. booth depth).

Enter Virtual Fair

Through the fairs curation of galleries the community can look forward to a new virtual exhibition every month and the opportunity to get familiar with the exhibiting galleries and their program. This is powered by Artland on a global scale with 3D films of current gallery openings from the exhibitors of the physical fair. Much like the physical fair, the virtual edition consists of art exhibitions, a VIP section, a collector’s program and an artistic program.

As well as during the physical fair the VIP section offers an innovative and exclusive VIP program that inspires Danish and international visitors and collectors and connects the Enter Art Fair partners with the community.


Please find pricing below. The prices include lights, electricity, wifi, marketing and VIP programme. Deadline: 1st February 2020 With applications received after deadline, the booth price will be added an extra 10%.

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The Physical Fair

Solo booth 16 m2Participating galleries with booths 36 m2 or more can apply for an additional solo booth presentation of 16m2 in extension to the main booth. Young galleryYoung galleries of 5 years or younger are offered a special price.

The Digital Fair

5 x 3D recordings of exhibitionsParticipation in the Enter Virtual FairUnlimited upload to Artland MarketplaceParticipating in the fair will give you access to the virtual fair and the digital services provided at Artland and consist of a cost of only:€119/month for 12 months. Existing members of Artland will automatically be included in Enter Virtual Fair.

Booth prices 20m2    EUR 430028m2    EUR 540036m2    EUR 670040m2    EUR 740048m2    EUR 870056m2    EUR 999064m2    EUR 1140072m2    EUR 1270080m2    EUR 14000

Solo Booth

Extra 16m2 solo booth EUR 2600

Young Gallery

Young Gallery booth (20 m2) EUR 3900