17. Ulterior Gallery


Whereabouts Part Two, 16 October – 20 November 2021 Terri Thornton
Kate Shepherd Ulterior Gallery is pleased to present Whereabouts Part Two, the second of a two-part, three-person group exhibition of works by Kate Shepherd, Terri Thornton, and Sarah Tortora. Read more

Whereabouts Part One, 4 September – 9 October 2021Kate Shepherd
Sarah TortoraUlterior Gallery is pleased to present Whereabouts, a two-part, three-person group exhibition of works by Sarah Tortora, Kate Shepherd, and Terri Thornton. Read more

Tristeza, 12 June – 17 July 2021Keren BenbenistyUlterior Gallery is pleased to present Tristeza, a solo exhibition by Keren Benbenisty featuring a group of works that the artist produced during the pandemic. Read more.

Objecthood, 23 April – 29 May 2021Mamie Tinkler
Maryam AmiryaniUlterior Gallery is pleased to present Objecthood, a two-person exhibition of works by Maryam Amiryani and Mamie Tinkler. Amiryani and Tinkler both find inspiration in objects that they encounter in their everyday surroundings. Read more.

Echoes, 18 March – 17 April 2021 Zai Nomura In 1865, young Lewis Payne tried to assassinate Secretary of State W. H. Seward. Alexander Gardner photographed him in his cell, where he was waiting to be hanged. The photograph is handsome, as is the boy: that is the studium. Read more.

Voices, 27 January – 6 March 2021 Camel Collective
Carrie Yamaoka
Douglas Goldberg Political art should serve to promote empathy. That's a dream in the form of a declarative statement, not a fact. But let’s entertain the delusion that politics is the science of how we collectivize progress, and not just a tool majorities employ to suppress difference. Read more.

Tearing the Fabric of Your Reality, 14 November – 20 December 2020 George Bolster After several years of research at the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute, New York-based Irish multimedia artist George Bolster has developed a body of work that suggests a guide for the future evolution of human beings. Read more.

NADA Miami 2020, 1 December – 5 December 2020 George Bolster The main piece in the physical presentation at the gallery is a large-scale jacquard tapestry of Grand Stairs Escalante in Utah—an at-risk National Monument under Trump—measuring 10 by 27 feet and fitted floor-to-ceiling to the gallery’s north and northeast walls. Read more.

Wave of Light, 23 September – 8 November 2020 Minoru Yoshida To open its fifth season, Ulterior Gallery is pleased to present paintings by Minoru Yoshida from the 1960s. Read more.

47 : Ulterior, 27 August – 30 August 2020 Maryam AmiryaniGeorge Bolster For Enter Art Fair, Ulterior is pleased to present works by two artists: Marfa, Texas-based Iranian American painter Maryam Amiryani and New York-based Irish multimedia artist George Bolster. Read more.

Spider’s Thread, 24 June – 9 August 2020 Gaku Tsutaja Gaku Tsutaja has been researching the history surrounding the Manhattan Project and the nuclear impacts on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in order to create narrative-based works in multiple media, including painting, drawing, installation, and performance video. Read more. 

Solo Exhibition, 14 Mar – 31 May 2020Mamie Tinkler