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Test your knowledge about art insurance!
Do you know if your traditional insurance covers your art? Test your knowledge in the quiz below!
Art and insurance go hand in hand, and we were lucky enough to team up with Brookfield Underwriting for Enter Art Fair 2020.

"The Artist" is the name of Danish designer Dea Kudibal's new Summer collection. Made in the most luxurious fabrics such as stretch silk with unique designed prints. Every single print is perfected in color detail and plays a part in the telling of a poetic tale, which truely makes it an artwork. We welcome our sponsor Dea Kudibal with her new line "The Artist".

Rebecca Elbek

A jewel made by Rebecca is a unique piece of art. It is like a fairy tale from a treasure box of untold and hidden stories.Her Christmas Table at Royal Copenhagen in 2019 was inspired by the poetry of the ocean, and on a table set for mermaids and mermen that shines in harmony with gold, corals, and sea grass. Explore Rebecca Elbek's unique univers here.

Nordic ArtBank was established in 2017.The concept and business model are created on the basis of a comprehensive analysis and development process.This has been done in close collaboration with some of Denmark's top galleries, art collectors and art consultants, who each have contributed with their experiences, knowledge and needs.Nordic ArtBank's business model and services, including tax matters, have been developed in collaboration with and approved by the law firm Bech Bruun.Nordic ArtBank has generously sponsored Enter Art Fair 2020.

Champagne Les Cinq Filles

Celebration has a new name. Get to know our sponsor and champagne house owner Yvonne Seier Christensen - Les Cinq Filles

MTAB Fine Art Logistics- A unique mix of value-added services.

Meet our show partner MTAB who has more than 50 years of experience within the shipping industry.


Brookfield have many years of experience in compiling insurance solutions of the highest international standard for owners of art collections, antiques and other collectibles. The most expensive objects in the world are art. In addition, art is typically unique, or objects found in few copies. These two factors make it important to choose an insurance company that is used to replace expensive items and deal with damages that can occur with art. Read here about the 5 things to consider when insuring your art collection.