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News from our friends

"The Artist" is the name of Danish designer Dea Kudibal's new Summer collection. Made in the most luxurious fabrics such as stretch silk with unique designed prints. Every single print is perfected in color detail and plays a part in the telling of a poetic tale, which truely makes it an artwork. We welcome our sponsor Dea Kudibal with her new line "The Artist".

Get 20% discount on the Summer collection by using the code Enter20 at www.deakudibal.com.
The offer is valid until Monday 13 April.
The discount does not apply to items already  on sale.

Experience virtual reality art works with Khora Contemporary.Here is a short excerpt of the virtual reality work "She's Already Gone", 2017 by Yu Hong.Each scene is painted by the artist by hand and adapted into Virtual Reality, the visible brush strokes adding a layer of physicality to the virtual world. To see more virtual reality art works to go www.khoracontemporary.com

Champagne Les Cinq Filles

Celebration has a new name. Get to know our sponsor and champagne house owner Yvonne Seier Christensen - Les Cinq Filles

Tableau celebrates craftmanship, multiple industries and layers of expressions where steel is an ongoing material. Tableau welcomes you in a clash between raw materials and the softness of flowers, unique lines of design and contemporary art. Experience the wonderful univers of TABLEAU here

MTAB Fine Art Logistics- A unique mix of value-added services.

Meet our show partner MTAB who has more than 50 years of experience within the shipping industry.