29. The Rooster Gallery, Vilnius


Decision Maker, 12 April – 14 May 2022Egle NorkuteA show titled Decision Maker by Eglė Norkutė fuses the painter’s creative search and her response to current issues. In a restless everyday life, the artist tries to envision the (im)possibility of the presence of the decisive element that determines it, while examining the causal links between events and phenomena and looking for alternatives to them. Read more

The Trace of the Glorious Stroke, 3 February – 27 February 2022 Andrius Zakarauskas The exhibition contains the artist’s newest works – paintings and drawings. In these works, Zakarauskas continues a search for the relation of form and narrative in painting. Read more

Green Night, Sleep Tight, 25 November – 12 December 2021 Alina Melnikova The Rooster Gallery invites you to a solo show GREEN NIGHT, SLEEP TIGHT by Alina Melnikova.In her newest works, A. Melnikova explores the relation between nature/naturality and artificiality and its sociocultural reflections. Read more

bite me, 28 October – 14 November 2021 Vita Opolskyte The exhibition 'bite me' presents Vita Opolskytė’s works created during the last two years. The exhibition narrative is constructed as a kind of personal tour to the artist’s home, which allows the viewer not only to get acquainted with it as a space and physical location, but also to experience home as a mental state. Read more

ENTER ART FAIR 2021: The Rooster Gallery (Booth 32)26 August 2021 – 29 August 2021

Cosmic Corals, Voguing Valleys, Bushy Bouquets, 30 May – 27 June 2021 Alina Melnokova ESPAI SOUVENIR in collaboration with The Rooster Gallery invites you to a solo show “Cosmic Corals, Voguing Valleys, Bushy Bouquets, Furry Forests” by Alina Melnokova. Read more

Ruins, Remains, Relics and Still lifes, 15 October – 30 October 2020 Egle Norkute The Rooster Gallery kindly invites you to the solo show “Ruins, Remains, Relics and Still lifes” by Eglė Norkutė. In her work, Eglė Norkutė explores the contexts of art history, mythology, sites of memory and contemporary media through painting. Read more

It was around eleven o’clock at night, 23 September – 9 October 2020 Tomas Dauksa The Rooster Gallery kindly invites you to the solo show “It was around eleven o’clock at night” by Tomas Daukša. In the exhibition, he will present the newest sculptural objects from the so-called bigfoot series. Read more