25. The Hole


Memories are Weapons, 18 February - 28 March 2021
In Memories are Weapons, Christy continues his exploration of surreal, comical and haunting imagery most recently embedded in his work for The Hole’s exhibition in 2020, Second Smile. By manifesting a sense of ambiguity with little crossover between frames, Christy transfers agency to the viewer, creating a space where individual memory can intersect with collective perception. Read more.

Once Twice, 18 February - 28 March 2021
Shattering art market norms, Bradley’s tapestries in Once Twice will be for sale both as physical objects and simultaneously as unique files via SuperRare. Editioned as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), their ownership will be recorded through a blockchain ledger to provide proof of purchase and provenance. Read more.

Moko Moko Doki Doki, 7 January – 14 February 2021Misaki Kawai
As in the painting above Misaki will be exhibiting her first text paintings, and while we are sure there will be Doki Doki (excited, heartbeat), Misaki also exhibits giant fluffy sculpture providing the Moko Moko or “fluffy”. Read more.

Double Happiness, 7 January – 14 February 2021 
Caroline Larsen expands upon her Longwy Art Deco vase series debuted here two years ago in “Kaleidoscopic” (2019) with proliferating vases and flowers. Most works feature not-quite-mirror images of two vases of flowers, like the above, where a psychedelic op background further warps your perception of near-symmetry. Read more.

Exhibition for enter Art Fair, 29 August - 01 September 2019 Adam Parker Smith