08: Steve Turner


Digging a Hole to the Surface12 September – 10 October 2020

Digging a Hole to the Surface, a solo exhibition by Ghent-based Shirley Villavicencio Pizango consisting of an array of portrait paintings, some of sitters in her studio, others based on memory. Read more

like a lion, my hands and my feet12 September – 10 October 2020Patrick Bayly

like a lion, my hands and my feet, a solo exhibition by New York based Patrick Bayly which consists of a quartet of paintings, each composed with a dominant color that also is its title–violet, yellow, red and green. The major color of one work returns as an accent in the other works. Read more

Walk The Air, 26 Jul – 30 Aug 2020

David ShrobeWalk the Air, a solo exhibition by New York-based David Shrobe that features new assemblage paintings that were made in the last several months. During that time Shrobe has found solemnity and inspiration from his family and the Black Lives Matter movement. Read more

Tableau vivant, 26 Jul – 30 Aug 2020

Kevin Mcnamee-TweedSteve Turner is pleased to present Tableaux Vivant, a solo exhibition by Kevin McNamee-Tweed which features a selection of new ceramic paintings which are his largest and most complicated works to date. Read more

Tomorrow Is Another Day, 26 Jul – 30 Aug 2020

Rebecca BrodskisSteve Turner is pleased to present Tomorrow Is Another Day, a solo exhibition by Paris-based Rebecca Brodskis that features nine new highly pared down portrait paintings. According to Brodskis, all of her characters are in an “in between” state, one of suspended animation, frozen still in the precise instant before the storm hits. Read more

Why you really mad?, 20 Jun – 18 Jul 2020

David Leggett Steve Turner is pleased to present Why you really mad?, a solo exhibition by Los Angeles-based David Leggett which features paintings and works on paper from the last few years that utilize a comic style to deal with serious subjects like racial injustice and police brutality alongside lighter ones like art history and pop culture. Read more

Memoir 1,, 20 Jun – 18 Jul 2020

 Steve Turner is pleased to present Memoir 1, a solo exhibition of new paintings and drawings by Brittany Tucker, a New York-based artist who has been working in Vienna during 2020. Read more

Schadenfreude, 20 Jun – 18 Jul 2020

Steve Turner is pleased to present Schadenfreude , a solo exhibition featuring recent work by Los Angeles- based Samantha Rosenwald. Schadenfreude , a German word that does not neatly translate into English, denotes the complex feeling of pleasure in witnessing another person’s misfortune. Read more

Making Bets In A Burning House, 15 February – 4 April, 2020

Hannah Epstein A solo exhibition by Hannah Epstein consisting of room installations in two separate galleries, one with a selection of handmade hooked rugs and the other with algorithmically printed digital works. Read more

Cartoons Too, 15 February – 4 April, 2020

Yung Jake A series of new paintings that mark the artist’s return to the medium after nearly ten years creating rap videos, related digital works and assemblage. The new paintings consist of supports made of found metal upon which the artist has painted portraits, mostly of himself, in which cartoon elements are included within his likeness. Read more

The Garden of England, 4 January – 8 February 2020

Jesse Pollock The Garden of England is a solo sculpture exhibition by Jesse Pollock featuring oversized cider jugs and tools used in the historic fruit growing industry in Pollock’s native Kent, England. Read more

Hospitality, 4 January – 8 February 2020

Lydia Blakeley Hospitality is a solo exhibition of new paintings by Lydia Blakeley, all of which present scenes from horse races in Great Britain. They depict the characters one might see at these events including the security guards and sniffer dogs who are stationed at the entrance; waiters in the hospitality tent; and tipsy patrons, some of whom have passed out. Read more

I’m Burning Here, 23 November – 21 December 2019

Luciana Lamothe This is Luciana Lamothe's second exhibition at the gallery, it consists of seven steel sculptures, four of which are site-specific, positioned between the floor and the supporting beams along the ceiling, while three smaller, parallel works rise up from the floor. Read more

Off Balance, 23 November – 21 December 2019

Gabrielle D’Angelo

This is Gabrielle D’Angelo’s debut solo exhibition in Los Angeles which features four wall works and one floor work made from fabric and wood that the artist subjected to numerous operations: dyeing, cutting, drilling, sewing, cinching, tearing, tying, knotting, draping, pleating, stuffing (...) Read more

Criollo Fittings, 23 November – 21 December 2019

Eugenia Mendoza

Criollo Fittings is a solo exhibition by Buenos Aires-based Eugenia Mendoza that will present woven wicker sculptures of mass-produced pipe fittings and other elements from building construction. Read more

Exhibition for Enter Art Fair, 29 August - 01 September 2019

Group Exhibition: Kevin Mcnamee-Tweed, Hannah Epstein, Paige Jiyoung Moon, Claire Milbrath, Dominic Dispirito, and Mariel Capanna

At Enter Art Fair, Steve Turner will present new work by six artists: Mariel Capanna (Philadelphia & New Haven); Dominic Dispirito (London); Hannah Epstein (Toronto & Los Angeles); Kevin McNamee-Tweed (Iowa City); Claire Milbrath (Montreal) and Paige Jiyoung Moon (Los Angeles). While they work with disparate materials and styles, all six artists create narrative works that loosely relate to themselves and which have an afnity with vernacular art. Read more.

The VIP Room(Open for all ENTER friends)