3 : SABSAY, 27 August – 30 August 2020 JES Under the alias JES, the artist explores and challenges the modernism of the 20th century with the ambition to expand and renew the artistic movement with new imagery of today. Read more

Når jeg ser på Ørkenen, ser jeg Havet, 13 Mar – 2 May 2020 Kaare Golles The exhibition presents a new series of paintings and masks, which together paint a picture of modern man’s existence between power and powerlessness. The view of the desert is for Golles a historical view. Read more

Body, 06 December 2019 – 01 February 2020 Group exhibition: Hazem Harb, Kaare Golles, Kinder Album, Nikita Shalenny, Ursula Reuter Christiansen The group exhibition presents works by Hazem Harb, Kaare Golles, Kinder Album, Nikita Shalenny and Ursula Reuter Christiansen, offering various perspectives on the representation of the human body. Read More.

Volcano Woman, 19 September - 02 November 2019 Ursula Reuter Christiansen Ursula Reuter Christiansen was inspired to make the exhibition while traveling the lunar landscape of Lanzarote – a Spanish island of volcanic origin. Read More.

Exhibition for Enter Art Fair, 29 August - 01 September 2019 Group Exhibition: Hazem Harb, Liu Wa, and Nikita Shalenny