01: QB Gallery


ENTER ART FAIR 2022QB Gallery - Enter Art Fair 2022 in 3D, 25 August – 28 August 2022

ENTER ART FAIR 2021QB Gallery (Booth 35), 26 August – 29 August 2021

Den Siste Festen, 3 December – 19 December 2020

Artificial Intelligence, 29 October – 28 November 2020

Artificial intelligence systems are capable of teaching themselves, and like artists that works with concepts, able to process and organize a large amount of data. The difference in processing, however, is the one between knowledge and intelligence. Marianne Heske has decided to revisit some files from her past through a confrontation with Artificial Intelligence. Read more

From Bell Push to Faucet

Is there a heaven? I'd like to think so Standars of living They're rising daily But home oh sweet home It's only a saying From bell push to faucet In smart town apartment The cottage is pretty The main house a palace Penthouse perfection But what goes on What to do there Better pray thereRead more

Enter Art Fair, Booth 53

Curse, Effect
15 May – 27 Jun 2020

The term “causality” describes the relationship between cause and effect, between A, B, and how they are related. “Determinism” refers to the idea that everything that will happen has already been determined. Cause and effect become curse and effect. Hence the title of the exhibition at QB Gallery where Norwegian artist Lars Morell is presenting his new works. Read more

TRANS : FORM : YOU : LATE Volume 3, 20 Mar – 7 May 2020

A Dream Within A Dream, 14 February – 7 March, 2020

Kristin Austreid, Bjørn Båsen and Hanne Friis are artists whose work contains layers of meaning that deal with dreamlike realities. The perception of Art can be a way of escapism and of looking into something sublime that makes you forget the present time.The works in this show do that, but also snap you right back in an instant.A dream within a dream. Read more

Stripes and Strokes, 17 January – 8 February, 2020

In Marius Martinussen's art, formal abstraction is the focus. Through a long series of paintings he has over the last 15 years explored the possibilities of abstraction, both for the painting itself, but also towards the viewer. In these works we generally find a relatively strict geometry in which all points and lines relate to the golden section. Read more

Folds of the Present, 29 November – 21 December, 2019

“We never look at just one thing; we are always looking at the relation between things and ourselves. Our vision is continually active, continually moving, continually holding things in a circle around itself, constituting what is present to us as we are.”- John Berger, Ways of Seeing (1972)Read more

Camouflage by Proxy, 18 October - 16 November 2019

There I was stretching my legs on the couch in my studio, multitasking, thinking of a concept for a new series of paintings, while surfing on Amazon. And what did I find? A handy little office device: a Japanese ink scrambler (...) Read more

En sen kveld, 13 September - 12 October 2019Group Exhibition: Josefine Lyche, Anders Sletvold Moe, and Lars Morell "A Late Night" is a kind of reunion, much like the Nordland exhibition series could be seen as a band tour. Common to these artists is that all three have worked extensively on murals, and all have worked "experimentally" and location-oriented for many years. Read More.

Pointed Consciousness, 16 August - 07 September 2019

Exhibition for Enter Art Fair, 29 August - 01 September 2019