33. Office Impart


Interspaces, 19 June – 19 July 2021
Susanne Bonowicz

darktaxa-project. The Berlin – Constellation, 13 Mar – 9 Apr 2021
Aaron Scheer
Alex Grein
Arno Beck
Beate Gütschow
Raphael Brunk
Ria Patricia Röder darktaxa-project is an international group of 17 artists* working at the intersection of photography and new digital imaging techniques Read more

Zugunsten der Gegend, 10 Sep – 18 Sep 2020 The area to which the artists* Christian August, Susanne Bonowicz, Lena Marie Emrich, Moritz Neuhoff and the KLUB7 collective refer is also the place where their artistic works are created. Read more. 

41: OFFICE IMPART, 27 August – 30 August 2020 Read more.

Ein gern gesehener Gast, 13 Jun – 11 Jul 2020

Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg & Simon Modersohn „Ein gern gesehener Gast“ a collaboration between Åplus and OFFICE IMPART. Read more

Office presentation / May 2020, 28 Apr – 31 May 2020

Right now you see at our OFFICE PRESENTATION works by six artists , Harm van den Dorpel, Constant Dullaart , Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg, Anna Ehrenstein, Jonas Lund and Tristan Schulze. They all deal with digital approaches in the one way or the other in their work. Read more

OFFICE Presentation, 26 Feb – 27 Mar 2020Aaron Scheer