40. Nils Stærk


Apple Romance, 27 Aug – 24 Oct 2020 Tove Storch A striking common feature of the works is metal structures clearly bolted together, all of them supporting either heavy plaster or gossamer silk. Read more. 

Invisible Sculptures, 26 August – 23 October 2020 Charlotte Brüel In Brüel’s latest works, the contradiction between nature and human processing is evident. The industrial acrylic glass displays seem to enclose a carefully selected array of sculptural studies in clay along with a suspended arrangement of found bird feathers. Read more.


032 : Nils Stærk, 27 Aug – 30 Aug 2020 FOS
Gert & Uwe Tobias
Ingvar Cronhammar
Mads Gamdrup
Matthew Ronay
Olaf Breuning
Paul Fägerskiöld
Tom Sandberg
Torbjørn Rødland
Tove Storch For the second iteration of ENTER Art Fair, we have brought together a curated selection of works by the gallery’ artists and estates, available simultaneously here online at the NILS STÆRK web and at the physical fair in Copenhagen.  Read more. 

Entangled-Paperworks, 12 May – 3 Jul 2020 Group Exhibition

The associative links between the works in the exhibition Entangled_Paperworks are legion, but common to them all is a return to the basic – but also fragile – point of departure in terms of material. Read more.

Pale Male Tales, 18 Jan – 7 Mar 2020 Michael Kvium

The stage is set and the curtain raised for a tragicomic rendition of the present-day white male and the political challenges facing contemporary life. Read more.

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