11: MLF | Marie-Laure Fleisch


Italian Imaginary, 3 Sep – 17 Oct 2020

Italian Imaginary. A question of space. Pietro Gaglianò“ For when the intellect puts forth refined and judicious conceptions, the hand which has practised drawing for many years exhibits the perfection and excellence of the arts as well as the knowledge of the artist.” Giorgio VasariRead more


Archive of Thoughts, 7 March – 31 May, 2020

Following the artist’s recent exhibitions at the SMAK and at the Centrale for Contemporary Art, this show will present only works on paper, which are at the heart of the artist’s practice and are the departure point for all new ideas. Read more

Darkness of Heart, 10 January – 28 February 2020 

The series of works presented are exemplary of the artist’s ongoing investigations into man’s place in the world, and the often-destructive tendencies we have on our environment. Read more

Jardin du Midi, 25 October – 19 December, 2019 

Tessa Perutz’ first solo exhibition at the gallery, Jardin du Midi. Perutz’ immersive installation features paintings of abstract, spiritual landscapes, which share the space with a large embroidered textile work and a thick carpet of lavender flowers from the Lavanderaie des Hautes Baronnies, coating the entire floor of the gallery. Read more.

The image in the hand, 06 September - 18 October 2019 Alice Cattaneo

The title of this exhibition evokes the creative process, which often starts with an image as a precursor to the manual process of sculpting. For Cattaneo, sculpture is both a fragment and a totality. This implies an inherent tension between the initial vision of the work and what the artist's hand constructs organically, retracing the original thought. Read more.

Exhibition for Enter Art Fair, 29 August - 01 September 2019 Group Exhibition: Rebecca Horn, Alice Cattaneo, and Katharina Hinsberg