11. Hans Alf Gallery


ENTER ART FAIR 2022Hans Alf Gallery - Enter Art Fair 2022, 25 August – 28 August 2022

ENTER ART FAIR 2021Hans Alf Gallery (Booth 18), 26 August 2021 – 29 August 2021

Enter Art Fair, Booth 1527 Aug – 30 Aug 2020

Enter Art Fair, Booth 15A27 Aug – 30 Aug 2020

Karantænebilleder (Quarantine Images), 1 May – 23 May 2020

"Karantænebilleder" is an unscheduled, spontaneous effort from one of Denmark's most acclaimed painters, Erik A. Frandsen. Painted in just over ten weeks, the images tell the story of the self-exiled artist having only his immediate surroundings to reflect upon. Read more

Angel, 7 March – 31 April, 2020

Anders Scrmn Meisner After the success of his last exhibition “Modern Love”, which marked a defining transition from paper to canvas, Anders SCRMN Meisner is back with 16 new, evocative oil paintings in a show he’s called “Angel”. Read more

Whistleblow, 31 January – 29 February, 2020

Andreas Schulenburg A whistle is an instrument that produces sound from the flow of gas; often air. The word whistleblow refers to the act of blowing a whistle. It can be either an intransitive verb or a noun. Read more

URIEL, 23 Nov 2019 – 18 Jan 2020

Christian Lemmerz In URIEL, Christian Lemmerz is reinventing his own universe. Gone are the anatomical studies, all the zombies and the biblical references; and what remains is the journey of the hand across the paper, a twilight between genesis and resolution, the quivering contour of a moment. Read more

Both Hands on the Wheel, 25 October - 16 November, 2019

A handful of the gallery's represented artists plus a few special invitees have been asked to create at least one ceramic object with the pottery wheel as a unifying point of departure. Some have chosen to focus on the classic vase, others have gone with a more deconstructivist angle (...) Read more

Leaving London, 21 September - 19 October 2019

Frank Fischer 
Leaving London is a personal homage to the painter’s years on one of the world’s biggest and most colorful art scenes. The exhibition consists of 13 artworks; the last 13 works that adorned the walls of Fischer’s studio in Walworth when he decided to pack up his life and ship it across the channel. Read More

Absolute Beginners, 21 September - 19 October 2019

Mie Olise Kjærgaard 
In her new exhibition, “Absolute Beginners”, Kjærgaard continues the work on her utopian metropolis ‘Moirania’, which also served as the focal point in her previous exhibition “News From Nowhere” and her presentation at Market. Kjærgaard has continued to develop and work on the imagery and visions of ‘Moirania’, which in themselves have become increasingly iconographic. Read More

The We-Machine, 17 August - 14 September 2019

Erik A. Frandsen 
When it comes to material versatility and artistic suppleness, Erik A. Frandsen is unparalleled in Danish art history. Even though in the general public, he is perhaps most readily associated with his ongoing exploration of the classic still life, which he still after more than two decades manages to rethink, the hardheaded boy from the country is also an innovative sculptor and mosaicist, a splendid photographer, and a formidable draughtsman. Read more.

Exhibition for Enter Art Fair, 29 August - 01 September 2019