31. Gallery Lucía Mendoza


Broken Line, 22 January – 13 March 2021

Camila Cañeque

Manuel Rivera

Ding Musa

Adrián Alemán

Jaime Davidovich

André Komatsu

Paco Guillén

Lecuona y Hernández

Eugenio Espinoza


The gallery becomes the stage of the second phase of an exhibition that proposes us to rethink maps, places and borders and which, as it already did in Tenerife, is mostly made up of site specific works. Read more.

A moment that trascends, 14 November 2020 – 9 January 2021

Peter Demetz

In this second solo exhibition of Peter Demetz in Lucia Mendoza art gallery, we will be featuring new works by the Italian sculptor. We include new of his well-known light boxes. Read more.

On The Road, 10 September – 7 November 2020


For Salustiano, his life is kilometers of endless roads that have left their mark on him, in his experiences, in his memory. Hundreds of millions of images and sensations crowd today forming a colorful and refreshing dream. Read more.

2 : Gallery Lucia Mendoza

Read more.