20. Galleri Tom Christoffersen


ENTER ART FAIR 2022Galleri Tom Christoffersen - Enter Art Fair 2022, 25 August – 28 August 2022

ENTER ART FAIR 2021Tom Christoffersen (Booth 4), 26 August – 29 August 2021

22 : Galleri Tom Christoffersen, 27 Aug – 30 Aug 2020

VI RUS, 24 Apr – 24 May 2020

The works at the exhibition all take their starting point in Morten Søndergaard’s poem VI RUS, published on March 13th in the Danish newspaper Information. Just like the poem, the work's centre around the concrete and unusual situation we presently find ourselves in. Read more

Baby Baby, 31 January – 22 February 2020

The works at the exhibition are all created by Albert Mertz (1920-1990), but the selection and staging is done by one of the most prominent artists of our time: Tal R. Read more

Status, 22 November - 21 December 2019

Group Exhibition

Over Pain Ted, 22 November - 21 December, 2019

Group Exhibition

Snug Outlooks on a Windy World, 18 October - 16 November, 2019 Ahmad Siyar Qasimi

With his artworks he shares these outlooks with us. All works in the exhibition are new works and you can tell they are from 2019. Nevertheless, they transcend specificity such as time and space. Read More.

Hål, 18 October - 16 November 2019 Erik Hed His collection consists of accumulated images and objects transformed into new visual expressions consisting of charcoal, pigments and casein on canvas or prefabricated textile. Hed zooms continually in and outon visual phenomenon, a sort of accumulation of impressions retrieved from digital images, texts, industrial objects etc. Read more. 

Exhibition for Enter Art Fair Part 1, 29 August - 01 September 2019 Group exhibition: Mie Mørkeberg, Neda Zarf Saz, Claus Carstensen, Allan Otte, Anna Sørensen, Maryam Eivazi, and Knud Odde

Exhibition for Enter Art Fair Part 2, 29 August - 01 September 2019 Ib Geertsen