Application for Enter Art Fair 2022

Fill out the application below.Notice: A completed application needs to include a pdf of the booth presentation (Bios and works by the artists presented at the fair).When filled out and send in you will receive a confirmation of the application.For more information about prices and practical information,please look at the Fair Package. Deadline for application is February 7th 2022

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    Fairs in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021

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    If interested in applying with an outdoor or indoor installation, please describe the project in the application form and include images and the artist’s CV in one pdf and send to:

    *To be part of Enter Virtual Fair you need to add Artland 3D service of €179/month. Contact Claus Risvig at for further information.

    Upload the proposal for booth presentation in one pdf (maximum 5mb):