22. Charlotte Fogh Gallery


ENTER ART FAIR 2022Charlotte Fogh Gallery - Enter Art Fair 2022, 25 August – 28 August 2022

ENTER ART FAIR 2021Charlotte Fogh Gallery (Booth 51), 26 August – 29 August 2021

Hybridization, 22 February – 28 April, 2020

The exhibition centers around the concept of hybridization which in natural science refers to the process of combining different varieties of organisms to create a hybrid. Read more

Landscapes, 11 January - 15 February, 2020 

In the landscapes created by Eske Kath the law of gravity is repealed and the horizon line twists around powerful suns. Night and day and what we believe to be up and down become intertwined in an organic but accurately composed universe of color. Read more

BABUSKA, 15 November - 21 December, 2019 

For the exhibition, Behncke has created an installation where scale and the physical staging of rooms challenge the classic gallery experience. The exhibition also shows new works that explore scale and space. Read more

Roundabout, 20 September - 09 November 2019 Lars Nørgård

The exhibition shows new paintings and drawings that, with its recognizable imagery, builds and breaks down abstract and figurative constellations. In the exhibition “Roundabout” Lars Nørgård has created paintings that have a common visual language, but at the same time has... Read more

Locker Room - 27 scenes, 04 October - 23 November 2019 Morten Schelde

The exhibition draws together some of Schelde’s most characteristic motifs and presents drawings of architecture, interiors and landscapes in the monochrome colors that characterize Schelde’s works... Read more

Locker Room: NEW WORKS, 16 August - 28 September 2019 Rose Eken

In connection with Aarhus Festival 2019, Charlotte Fogh Gallery presents new works by Rose Eken including the ceramic sculpture, which was the inspiration for this year’s poster for Aarhus Festival. The sculpture draws inspiration from the classic party light chain, which highlights and illuminates life’s small and big joys under the colored lights of the bulbs.

Støj / Noise, 16 August - 14 September 2019 Group exhibition: Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Nour Fog, Mette Vangsgaard, Maria Wæhrens, and Nalini Printz

The group exhibition “STØJ” (noise) focuses on the aesthetics of sound. The art pieces on display in the exhibition are visually noisy, stimulates the eye and makes the visual language of art appear in stereo. The artists challenge the classic art medias with an anarchistic approach to painting, collage and sculpture. Read more

Exhibition for Enter Art Fair, 29 August - 01 September 2019