02. BRICKS Gallery


En Flosset Bevægelse, 30 October – 27 November 2020

This year Mikkel Ørsted graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen with a series of paintings all with the same title – Monade. The paintings are created against the background of Monadology, partly inspired by Deleuze's, Leibniz’s and Serres’ ideas on systems, networks and grooves, but also grounded in Ørsteds own philosophical notes and sketches. Read more

The Inverted Image, 25 Sepember – 23 October 2020

The exhibition The Inverted Image is a snapshot from an artistic practice - a lens into the current stage of Matilde Duus’ work. In the exhibition Duus presents a series of all new works, including both wall based and sculptural pieces, all of which are articulations of the most basic element in her practice; exploring the spatial properties of the two dimensional form. Read more

45 : BRICKS Gallery, 27 August – 30 August 2020