An Endless ‘Present’Curated by Irene Campolmi

Curational concept

An Endless ‘Present’ is the 2019 artistic program curated by Irene Campolmi for the first edition of ENTER Art Fair, which will be launched by the end of August in Copenhagen as the first art fair taking place virtually throughout the whole year, while also being a one year appointment for collectors, galleries and artists.

As the fair emphasises the notion of ‘virtual’ as a space of potentialities to connect people to ideas, places, temporalities and artworks, Enter artistic program critically reflects on the meanings of ‘virtual’ – its potentialities but also its speculations.

In a contemporary landscape marked by a seemingly perpetual crisis, the virtual becomes an endless ‘present’, another time in another space where things exist and happens but are yet to come. The virtual reality, then, turns into a place increasingly shaped by politics of desire and change, acceptance and disillusion, horror and fairy-tales, life and death, and much more.

The performance, film and talks program presents the projects of artists who found themselves excavating, activating and inventing incidental narratives, figures, gestures and sites as material for imagining and re-imagining a virtual space. Facing the absence of a future or rather the impossibility to project it, the virtual becomes another reverberation of projections and expectations drawn on an endless present.

The work of these artists operates in an immaterial space and time in which their research generates possibilities, and it is often marked by the idea of returns, amnesia and déjà vu, revealing the slippages between actuality and projection (fiction, myth, wish) – or a world that is and could be. The practice of the artists invited to the program is mostly research-based and frequently investigates the resonances of seemingly disparate moments creating situations, performances, conversations suspended in time and space, and exploring realities virtually existing that are yet to come.

The performance program investigates the visceral and material possibilities of sound, image, text and site, taking on the form of multi-media installations and live sound/image performances.

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