Thinking Feelings

A Space of Intimacy

Curated by Irene Campolmi

Films, Talks and Performances


Thinking Feelings is the 2020 artistic program curated by Irene Campolmi for the second edition of Enter Art Fair. Enter Art Program proposes live performances, films, installations and talks shaped around the practice of Danish and international emerging and mid-career artists.

A new-age neoliberal culture has increasingly branded the idea and belief that everyone is naturally inclined to create positive affectivity to cope with the crises of our time: pandemic, systemic racism, climate change, nationalisms, job precariat, the run towards digitalisation, digital activism, and the decline of ideologies, among others. More than ever, social media and digital communication have empowered people with the capacity to react to the news with a certain immediacy, without thinking through whether what they feel like an immediate reaction to certain events would correspond to how people would elaborate these thoughts.

Enter Art Program Thinking Feelings will reflect on the direct link between affectivity and thought through a series of talks and live performances and installations.

Global politics has set the agenda on creating collective moods that civilians could ‘inhabit’ and share collectively, sometimes postponing or denying the construction of a project – perhaps an utopia – that might effectively change the world.


The Art Program of Enter Art Fair.

Conceptualised by Irene Campolmi and launched by Enter Art Fair. Generously supported by Statens Kunstfond, Augustinus Fonden and Dreyers Fond.

This year we inaugurate a newly designed concept for the tank space, where Enter Art Fair will be located for the next three years. In the post-pandemic world, the social choreography of bodies moving in the space and interacting one with each other, performance as artistic research becomes a fundamental means to explore the process rather than the product of artistic production. In this historical moment, performance research represents a grounding platform to test choreographic movements that could inform the post-pandemic social choreography. During the lockdown caused by the pandemic, the web has temporarily substituted the space of intimacy, replacing digital encounters with the physical proximity of bodies in space. If the immateriality of the digital space has proved the impossibility of returning the presence and agency of the body in specific contexts, it has also shown that the web is not a showcase of events but a potential space for further investigation.

Through the creation of A SPACE OF INTIMACY, artists will be invited with existing and newly commissioned works to reflect and inhabit a territory of investigation.

A space of intimacy will become the name for Enter art programs in the next three years and will be presented in a separate location close to the fair with free entrance.

It will be an ‘hortus conclusus’ – a confined space – where artists and audiences would test and thus reflect on forms of intimacy and body proximity coexisting with the threat of the pandemic and mechanisms of diffidence and physical distancing that it has generated.

Enter Art Program: A Newly Commissioned Body

The scope of A SPACE OF INTIMACY is to commission several performances for Enter Art Fair each year, that will be presented in collaboration with other partners abroad.

The scope of this initiative is to develop a three-year collaboration with an international platform that would offer visibility to an artist. A platform for developing another understanding of the relation between the art market and art world. This year Enter Art Program “Thinking Feelings” commissioned the following performances:

Miles Greenberg, 8:10 (The Embrace).

Adam Khalil & Maria Meinild Blue Communiqué.

Linda Lazer,  Like Stones From the Earth.


A SPACE OF INTIMACY- Thinking Feelings

Curated by Irene Campolmi

Generously sponsored by Statens Kunstfond, Augustinus Fonden and Dreyers Fond.

Miles Greenberg,8:10 (The Embrace), 2020. Photos by Julie Nymann


14.00 – 20.00: Miles Greenberg, 8:10 (The Embrace).
Live durational performance.

8:10 (The Embrace) is an ongoing durational performance installation. It is an open-ended, non-narrative ritual work that occupies the space of sculpture, rather than that of a linear performance.
This is the first of a new series called Timepieces, each named simply after the time of day at which they were conceived.
Miles Greenberg (b. 1997) is a performance artist and researcher in movement. He combines natural materials and new technologies to create durational, sensorially immersive works that explore the Black body in space by means of what he calls the “hyper-romantic” gesture.

15.30 – 16.15: Victoria Sin, And at the pinnacle, the foot of a mountain.
On-site performance.

Free public access

ENTER TALKS, David Zilber, Adam Bencard, Studio Thinking Hands. Photo by Ana Bauman.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 28th, 2020

12.00 – 20.00: Miles Greenberg, 8:10 (The Embrace).
Live durational performance.

14.00 – 14.30: Victoria Sin, And at the pinnacle, the foot of a mountain.
On-site performance.

16.00 -16.45: ENTER TALKS, Cheating entropy: on microbes and planetary changes

David Zilber, Writer, Fermenter, Chief
Adam Bencard, Curator, Medicinsk Museion
Studio ThinkingHands, artists

17.00 – 20.00: Alex Cecchetti, Love Bar.

Live performance.

The artist collects local herbs and research the local historical use of those herbs.
He creates a bar covered with these herbs and plants as an apparition, a temporary wild mirage, a sublunar space. The exchange of stories and drinks (based on local herbs and plants collected by the artist) take place at the bar counter. As in a proto-theatrical stage, the role of performer/ spectator is confused.
Between rural dimension and Renaissance allure, Cecchetti tells love stories, reads tarots and prepares elixir or potion cocktails.

Free public access

Alex Cecchetti, Love Bar, 2020. Photos by Ana Bauman.

Adam Khalil + Maria Meinild. Blue Communiqué. Photos by Ana Bauman.


11.00 – 20.00: Miles Greenberg, 8:10 (The Embrace).

Live durational performance.

14.00 – 14.30: Victoria Sin, And at the pinnacle, the foot of a mountain.

On-site performance.

15.00 -15.45: ENTER TALKS, The Art Community outside the “event economy”.

Julieta Aranda, Artist and editor of e-flux journal, co-director of the online platform e-flux
Anna Gritz, Curator KW, Berlin
Helga Christoffersen, Curator

16.30 -17.15: Adam Khalil + Maria Meinild

Blue Communiqué.

Live performance.

A public assembly exploring the believable impossibility of blue lifeforms through presentation, performance, and live music.

Free public access

ENTER TALKS, Louise O’Kelley, Miles Greenberg. Photos by Ana Bauman.

Linda Lazer (Lamignan), Like Stones From The Earth. Photos by Ana Bauman.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 30th, 2020

11.00 – 18.00: Miles Greenberg, 8:10 (The Embrace).

Live durational performance.

13.00 – 13.30: Victoria Sin, And at the pinnacle, the foot of a mountain.

On site performance.

14.30 – 15.15: ENTER TALKS, Embodying Time, Defining Space. Blackness, Performance and the Romantic Body

Louise O’Kelly, Curator and Founder of BLOCK UNIVERSE London
Miles Greenberg, Artist and performer

16.00 – 16.30: Linda Lazer (Lamignan), Like Stones From the Earth.

Live performance.

Linda Lamignan performs as her alter ego, Linda Lazer, an afrofuturistic sound and performance artist, whose work conveys the emotions of the experience of floating in the middle ground between two worlds. Exploring the notion of in-betweenness, belonging and borders. Using afrofuturistic concepts to express emotions about being alien. About not being the one or the other, but something else. Erasing borders. Being extraterrestrial. The performance presented for the art program “Thinking Feeling. A Space of Intimacy” will consist of music, words, costumes, rituals and objects.

Free public access


You can see all the talks here very soon.


(Part of Enter Art Program, permanently installed and accessible every day during opening hours)

Adam Khalil & Maria Meinild
Blue Communiqué (Film installation)

Tore Hallas
‘Something inherent’, 2015
Video, 9:30 minutes, no audio
Performed by André Kaliff

Farah Al Qasimi
Um Al Naar (Mother of Fire), 2019
HD video, color, sound, 42 minutes 7 seconds.

Photos by Ana Bauman.

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