03: Alice Folker Gallery


Nampo-dong, 7 November – 14 December 2019Daniel Hauptmann

Nampo-dong, a popular shopping area in the district of Busan in South Korea where copies of fashionable sneakers and fake luxury brand bags sparkle in the lights of the neon signs. Staged in this referential frame Hauptmann's series of works... (Read more)


Silence hits in a flash, 16 August - 21 September 2019Tal Regev

Silence hits in a flash. Tal Regev’s work relies on bringing up what lays underneath the surface: power, dynamics, control, and memory. The figures in the paintings leak auras, spilling into physical space to be held in a silent manner. At times, they invade one another pulsating tension between them. Focus is on the body’s strong psychological impact through the medium of painting. Read more

The wood is the same as our heart, 16 August - 21 September 2019Hannah Amalie Nielsen and Sabitha Sofia Söderholm.

The wood is the same as our heart (Skoven er det samme som vores hjerte). Hannah & Sabitha create stories and fairytales. They allow the tales to penetrate the text and to enter the room by creating settings and experiences based on traditionel handcraft techniques and cooking. The fairytale world is thereby manifested in the psychical room and the viewer enters directly into the tale. Read more.

Colleagues, 16 August - 21 September 2019Viktoria Wendel Skousen

Colleagues is a series of photographic portraits created between 2013-2019 depicting young male visual artists. The work investigates the history of posing in painting, the aesthetics of the male body as well as the power relation or intimacy which can occur between the photographer and the one being photographed. Read more.

Exhibition for enter Art Fair, 29 August - 01 September 2019

Group exhibition: Hiu Tung Lau, Asger H. Gjerdevik, Casper Aguila, and Nat Bloch Gregersen