Our ambition: To meet the demand for a relevant and high quality international art fair in Scandinavia and to create the first and only ongoing virtual art fair experience.

Program and focus

Furthermore the fair presents ENTER.VR, a special section focusing on presentations featuring virtual reality artworks and other digital media.works.


Booth n. 23 and 24 are the VR booths of ENTER.

Khora Contemporary Booth n.23

Khora Contemporary assist artists in developing and unleashing their imaginative vision in this new media, with the mission of establishing the Virtual Reality technology as a widely applied medium within the arts.
Khora Contemporary is the paintbrush which makes the artists idea come alive in VR. 

VR Booth (n. 24) Art Programme Booth 

An Endless ‘Present’, Rindon Jonshon, Diana Said (2018)


ENTER also features a Talks and Performance Program with the digital media in focus, below you will find this program, curated by Irene Campolmi.